Poor Man's Pancakes/German Pancakes/Puff Puff Pancakes

Made famous by: Martha McMullin

My kids LOVE this one.

1/4 C. Butter
1 C. Flour
4 Eggs
1C. Milk

-In a bowl mix butter, flour, eggs and 1/2 the milk.
-Once well mixed add the rest of the milk
-Cook at 425 for 22-25 minutes
-It will get REALLY puffy. That is why my kids love it.
-Serve with syrup and powdered sugar on top.
**Double the recipe to fill a casserole dish**


  1. Hi Heather this is Brooke (I know creepy, you don't even think you know me. However, we have met multiple times at the Y. I was roomates with Megan. Now not so creepy.) I have a similar recipe but I also add in cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg to the batter. I thinly slice up apples, layer them in the bottom of the pan and then pour the batter over them. Yummy!



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