Deep Dish Covered Baker

All of the new recipies that I just posted are from pampered chef and are really really good. The best way to cook them is in the Deep Dish Covered Baker. This baker is truly AMAZING. If you don't have one then you NEED one. I joke you not. All of the pampered chef dishes, except the taco ring, can be made in the baker and take only 20 minutes in the microwave. Yes you heard me right the microwave. It takes 45 in the oven. The chicken comes out tender and juicy and just yummy. Trust me BUY one!!!! Contact Aubrey Brinegar if you want one.


  1. The recipes don't say microwave or 20 minutes. Is it the same across the board or are the microwave versions elsewhere? thanks

  2. Thank you so much! I just got my new deep dish covered baker today & found your blog searching for recipes. I'll be trying these out!



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