Deep Dish Covered Baker Pineapple Chutney Pork Chops

Made Famous By: Heather McMullin

**I saw this in a magazine a long time ago and thought I would try to create it. If you like mango salsa I think you will love this pineapple chutney on the pork chops. We always eat our pork chops with apple sauce so this was a nice change while still keeping the sweetness with the pork.**

1 can crushed Pineapple
1 jar Salsa
2 Green Onions,chopped
Salt and Pepper
-Place 4 pork chops in the bottom of the Deep Dish Covered Baker. Salt and Pepper to taste.
-In a small bowl put the pineapple, salsa, and green onion. Mix together and pour over the pork chops.
-Cook in the microwave for 6 minutes. More depending on how thick your pork chops are.
*If doing this in the oven bake for 30 minutes at 350.


  1. I made this for dinner last night and LOVED it. It was sooo easy too. Thank you



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