Photo tips!

Does anyone have photography tips????? I have deducted that I am the worst photographer EVER! I know the food I cook is supper yummers, but I can't capture that in a picture. I know I need to change my back grounds, but seesh! I need to take a class or something. TIPS!!! PLEASE!!!


  1. Heather I am still trying to figure it out. The biggest thing I learned was to shoot outside in the shade during the day with no flash.
    Here's a site that has taught me some things:

    If you get any good tips let me know.

  2. Hey Heather- A tip that I have noticed on other web pages is actually posting the pictures bigger. For some reason it makes a big difference. I found out how to do it on a blog called Good Luck! Your food is super yummers!!!

  3. I hear natural light is your biggest friend!!!!! No flash, is the key! When it comes to shooting food, I'm usually in a hurry and just don't care! One of these days.... ;) lol....



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