Flax Pancakes

Made Famous by: Kathi Scott

I realize that "Flax" pancakes sounds sort of strange
Don't knock it till' ya try it!!
My kids LOVE these! They don't taste that different
from regular pancakes and they are loads healthier. Give them a try!
The best part is that they are just a mix.
(I know!)
We all need a little something that is easy though right?
You can find this at Whole Foods, Mothers Market and Trader Joes.
Super Yum!
Flax Plus Multi grain Pancake Mix
Agave Nectar
Earth Balance Butter

*Follow instructions on the back of the mix and serve with agave nectar and earth balance butter

We served the pancakes with Agave Nectar instead of syrup and Earth Balance butter instead of margarine or regular butter. Love them both. I will post more information on them later this week.



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