Horray and Horray again!!!!

I just found out that there is going to be a new FOOD Channel!!!!! It is called
WOW and WOW again!!!!
Can you ever have to many shows about cooking?

This is the new General Manager Michael Smith. Welcome!!
Wish I could eat what was in front of him.
They gave out five things you need to know about the new network also.
1. It's a brand new cable network for food people, by food people.
2. It launches on Memorial Day, 2010
3. If you are currently getting the Fine Living Channel, It replaces that on May 31-Same Channel.
4. If Fine Living seems to be missing from your guide, you can call your local cable/satellite provider to see if they'll carry Cooking Channel.
5. We love food and cooking and can't wait to start talking about it with you.

Some of their new shows:

Loving: Two Fat Ladies
Sounds random, but interesting

Sharing: Bakers Secrets
Excited about this one!

Indian Food Made Easy
I am the most excited for this one!!! New food is so amazing!!
So there you are foodie friends. A whole new food channel for us to enjoy and devour!!!!! Go to their web site, check it out, and get happy!!!

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