Orzo Salad with Mint and Feta

Made Famous By: Amber Lowry

My wonderful beautiful friend Amber brought this recipe to one of our
get togethers. Man-oh-man was it ever
love at first bite!!!!
Ever since then if we are getting together and food is involved I ALWAYS ask
her to bring this. Enjoy lovies!

8 oz Orzo (or 1 lb)
1/4 C Mint-finely chopped
1 TB Lemon Juice
2 (4oz) packages off Athenos Garlic and herb crumbled feta
1 C Girards light champagne dressing
2 C Peas

*Cook the orzo according to package directions. Be really careful NOT to over cook the orzo. It cooks up fast and you want it al dente. Turn the heat off and add the peas.
*Drain the cooking liquid and pour into a bowl.
*Add in remaining ingredientsAmber Lowry is the adorable girl who gave me this recipe. She is an amazingly talented cook, wife and mother of two beautiful children. One of the things I love most about her is that she irons her sheets. If I was only as stalwart with my house cleaning! I strive to be like her everyday! Love this girl....and her food!!!!


  1. I'm teared up reading your sweet words. Thank you so much, Heather. I love you too! And, yes, I do iron my sheets and duvet. I have my mother to thank for that neurosi.



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