Banana Bread

Made Famous By: Kristen Thompson
So I have a really funny story about this Banana Bread.
My friend Kristen gave this recipe to me probably 8 months ago.
I have made it at least 3 times and intended to post it every time.
Only I burnt it twice......
I hate when I burn things.
Obviously I couldn't post a picture of burnt banana bread.
Although I don't know. Do any of you like burnt bread?
Anyway finally I made it with out burning it. (Praise the Heavens)
And it is DELICIOUS!!
Wonderful even.
I think my problem is that I think I have more time and I go to the park or run
a quick errand, duh right, and then I come home to burnt bread.
So you live and you learn and you make burnt bread sometimes, but the moral of this
story is try try again and never give up! HA!
Banana Bread
2 C Flour
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 C Butter or Margarine
1 C Sugar
2 Eggs
3 Mashed Ripe Bananas
1/3 C Milk
1 tsp Lemon Juice
-Mix the flour, baking soda, and salt together.
-In another bowl cream the butter and sugar together. Then add the eggs and bananas.
-In a little bowl mix together the milk and lemon juice and then add it to the wet ingredients.
-Once well combined add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients.
-Bake at 350 until golden brown on top. 45-69 min. Keep an eye on it to see when it is done.

Kristen Thompson is the girl who gave me the Banana Bread recipe. Thank you so much! It is definitely a keeper. I met Kristin through one of my best friends and I tell ya if we lived closer together I am sure we would hang out all of the time. From what I do know about her she is amazing. This girl has 5 kids and after the birth of her last baby..... I have to tell you she is itsy bitsy!! She has worked really hard to get that pre-baby body back and has accomplished it!! I have heard rumors that she is a size 5 or less!! You go girl!! Thanks for the yummy recipe!!


  1. You are too cute. I heart banana bread and will try this recipe.

  2. Hey Heather! I love your blog and have looked at it often but just realized I wasn't a follower! Darn me! Still as cute as ever and I swear I saw you at Disneyland. I should have said something but you just had your little girl and I knew you had boys so I second guessed myself. Dang! It was October 28th. You'll have to check if you were there that day! Anyways, keep up the adorable blog! I love it!



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