The Greek Gods

I am thoroughly obsessed with this Greek Yogurt. I have tried many brands of Greek Yogurt and The Greek Gods yogurt is the best I have ever tasted. My parents always have it stocked in their refrigerator along with some fresh blueberries. As soon as I get there that is what I go for. It comes in a variety of flavors but my favorite, and the one I highly recommend is the HONEY flavor. Oh my is the stuff dreams are made of. In the picture above I added the blueberries. Now go out and have a new taste experience.
What I ate 2/20/11

Breakfast: 1 Cup Trader Joe's Twigs, Flakes & Clusters cereal with Non fat milk
Snack: 1 Plum
Lunch: Turkey bacon BLT. I will post this sandwich this week with my favorite brand of Turkey Bacon
Snack: The Greek Gods Yogurt with blueberries mixed in
Dinner: Shakeology
**Remember to drink lots of water**
Sunday I don't exercise. It is my beloved day of rest.
**Hugs to all**


  1. Would you like some yogurt with your blueberries :) No but serious I'm addicted to the Greek Gods yogurt and will not eat any other kind. I have it almost every morning with walnuts, cranberries, raw honey (which looks like it is blended with the wax instead of filtered), and some sort of fruit (strawberries, blueberries, apples, etc). I love the flavor you mention and wish I could try some of the others (like fig), but my store only has strawberry, plain, and honey.



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