A Lesson in Diet Etiquette

"You've been eating clean, getting regular exercise and feeling great! So why give in to the pressure of others and stray from your new lifestyle? Here are some simple strategies for sidestepping those "one bite won't hurt situations." -Peggy Hall

Since I am really really trying to eat better because of the new health problems that have come to light this week I HAVE to eat better so that I can stay on the earth until I am 90.
I have no intentions of leaving it earlier than that.
In this new magazine that I have discovered, Clean Eating Magazine (My newest FAV!!), they have an article about ways to say, "Back off I am trying to eat good!!!)
Hope they help!!

Instead of saying Try Saying
-I'm trying to eat better. -Thanks, I'm going to pass for now.
-I can't have any. -Thank you! I may have a little bit later.
-That's not good for you. -Thanks, I'm full. Everything was delicious.
-I'm watching my weight. -I just ate, but I'd love to keep you company.
-I'm not supposed to eat that. -It looks delicious! Can I have the recipe?
-It's too fattening. -That is so thoughtful of you to make it just for me. Can I
take some home?
-None for me, thanks. -I'm going to stick with my water/juice/tea for now.
-I told you I'm on a diet! -I've had plenty, thanks. I'm going to pass on dessert for now.



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