New Toaster!

Um......Has anyone ever seen this???? Maybe this should be your new and improved toaster.

I found it at here is what the designer said about it. If you go to Design Boom it says it there also.
designer's own words:
There has been little development of the toaster since the start of the century, whilst other appliances have developed and improved incorporating new technologies and thinking, toaster have remained relatively untouched. When the toaster was first invented eating toast was a social activity that took place on the breakfast table, these days toasters have been relegated to cheap plastic objects hidden away in the kitchen landscape. This toaster is designed to engage the user, re-invigorating the social context of toasting by questioning everything about what we toast with today. I was also keen to make playful object to be proud of having on your breakfast table. Slip moulded bone china allowed me create this intricate and sculptural form, but also provided the material longevity that I required. This is a toaster that brings life and joy to a stagnant domestic appliance, and iconic object for the home.


  1. What a cool toaster! I've never seen anything like this before.

  2. Isn't it cool!!! If I had all the room in the world for appliances I would get one!

  3. Collect a toaster from ovens can match a full-sized oven.When organizing a large supper, such as for instance for any occasion collecting, matching stove time may be difficult. There is just therefore significantly tray room accessible, and it usually may seem like many recipes have to make at the exact same time. Applying a toaster oven for something such as meal sheets assists the make make every thing in reasonable fashion. Toaster ovens could also perform together with microwaves to brown or clean food following it's mainly cooked.



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