Keep Calm and Call Your Mom

Made Famous By: Megan Griffin
I got lucky when I got married in the In Law department.
They are all absolutely wonderful. Through out the many challenges we have faced as
a family both individual and as a group we stick together.
Even if a situation is tough we all say it like it is, talk about it, and then always work it out.
That in my book is priceless.
There are too many families out there that hold onto grudges.
In my book family is one of he most priceless jewels we have in this life.
My oh-so-funny SIL started a blog called Stay Calm and Call Your Mom
and I love it!!!!
Today she had her Mom, Martha McMullin my dear MIL, post one of our family
favorites. Cowboy Caviar. If you have never tried it, you MUST!!!!!!!!!
**If you want your recipe to be included in my 4th of July recipe round up give me a
buzz at!! I would love to feature you!**



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