Vegan Cupcake = Delicious!!!!!!!!

My Mom went Vegan a little over a year ago, so I have tried many many
Vegan options. I don't think I would ever become a vegan, but
I do enjoy tofu and a lot of the vegan options that are out there.
One of them is this AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING cupcake from
Sprinkles Cupcakes. It is the kind of cupcake that you just can't wait to get
in your mouth. It has been reported that after buying a box of these cupcakes
for a party, one will get them in their car and eat an entire cupcake right
after buying them. Just sayin'. Sprinkles has many more
flavors of cupcakes as well for us non-vegan/veganish people.
Trust me you will be in heaven!!!!



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