Corn Flowers

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Hold the phone!  I wish I had been a super genius and thought of this all on my own.  What a fun way to get your kids to eat veggies!  All it takes is a little creativity sometimes.  Although I do have to admit I rarely have this problem.

My problem is getting my kids to stop eating.  Sometimes my biggest boy out eats my HUSBAND.  True story.  Which if you know the stature of my husband, is not an easy feat.  I always have to remind him that in our family we eat proper portions and a proper portion does not include fourth helpings.  Love his guts!
Corn Flowers
It's hard for little kids to handle a whole ear of corn, but eating scraped-off kernels isn't much fun. A sweet solution:
1. Slice a cooked ear horizontally into pieces that are four rows wide. The kernels will look like petals.
2. Push in a lollipop stick for the stem.
Talk about nutritious -- corn creams other veggies in its amount of heart-healthy antioxidant zeaxanthin.



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