Chocolate Ganache Cake

Made Famous By:  Jocelyn Hansen

Sweet mother of all chocolate cakes, is what this chocolate cake should really be called.  The first time that this dream of a cake and I met was at a church function.  The evening was full of good useful information about various topics.  At the end of the night it was time to chat a little and eat some refreshments.  

That my friends is when I fell in love.  

You know that feeling when you bite into something that is so delicious time stops, it makes your eyes roll, and you feel as if you have heaven in your mouth?  That is how I felt when I first tasted this cake.  I didn't know it's maker then, but I knew I loved her and we would be fast friends cuz home girl can bake!  I heart you Jocelyn!!

This is one of those recipes that is in my top 10 recipes of all time.  It is one of those recipes that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Sound to dramatic?

I assure you it is not.

Make this and you will come to appreciate the beauty that is Chocolate Ganache Cake.  Then call me so we can talk about how heavenly it is!!

Chocolate Ganache Cake

¼ lb Unsalted Butter at room temp

1 C Sugar

4 Extra Large Eggs at room temp

1 16oz Can Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

1 TB Pure Vanilla Extract

1 C All Purpose Flour

For the Ganache

½ C Heavy Cream

8 oz Good Semi-Sweet chocolate chips

1 tsp Instant Coffee Granules

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Butter and flour a 8-inch round cake pan, then line the bottom with parchment paper.

Cream the butter and the sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment until light and fluffy.  Add the eggs, one at a time.  Mix in the chocolate syrup and vanilla.  Add the flour and mix until just combined.  Don’t over beat or the cake will be tough.

Pour the batter into the pan and bake for 40 to 45 minutes, or until just set in the middle.  Don’t over bake.  Let cool thoroughly in the pan.

For the ganache, cook the heavy cream, chocolate chips, instant coffee in the top of a double boiler over simmering water until smooth and warm, stirring occasionally.

Place the cake upside down on a wire rack and pour the glaze evenly over the top, making sure to cover the entire cake and the sides.  You can tilt the rack to smooth the glaze.  

Decorate if you wish to with perdy flowers.  :)



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