Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Made Famous By:  Heather McMullin’s College Roomie (Made Famous By)

This is another one of  my TOP RECIPES OF ALL TIME.  
It is my very most favorite cake in all the world.
This amazing cake and I met during my second year of college.  One of my roomies at the time made this for my other roomie’s birthday….that is when we fell in love, I mean… I fell in love with this cake.  

I probably ate ½ of it myself and then begged that she make it for my birthday as well.  She kindly agreed.  When I got married she gave me a cook book full of all her treasured recipes.  

She couldn’t have given me a better gift because it has the recipe to my precious Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake.

We have since lost contact so this cake is the only memento I have from our friendship.  That and the memory of walking into  my apartment to find her reading topless on the couch…..sitting right next to my other roomie reading topless on the couch…..true story….

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Butter 10” Spring form cake pan

First Layer:
~8oz Oreo cookies, crushed (I used my cuisinart)
~¼ C Melted Butter
~Mix and then press into the bottom of the spring form pan.

Second Layer:
~Bring ¾ C Heavy Cream to simmer
~Reduce heat to low
~Add 8oz Dark Chocolate (yeah baby!)
~Whisk til smooth
~Pour over crust and chill while you make the third layer

Third Layer:
~Combine 16oz of Good Milk Chocolate and 1 Cup Heavy Cream in a double boiler, stir til smooth.
~Cool to barely luke warm

~Sprinkle 1TBS gelatin over ¼ Cup water in a saucepan
~Rest the gelatin for 10 min. 
~After the gelatin has rested stir over LOW heat til dissolved.

~In a bowl begin to beat 2 Cups Heavy Cream 
~While beating add 1 tsp Vanilla and the dissolved gelatin
~Bring to soft peaks
~Fold in Milk Chocolate mixture
~Pour the mixture on the other two layers and refrigetate til set—about 6 hours.
~Run a sharpe knife around the edge before releasing the sides of the cake.  If you don’t the cake will crack while releasing.


  1. Oh my gosh! Looks and sounds delish! Pinned...Tweeted...shouted out to Facebook! YUM!

  2. Thanks Kristy!!
    Thanks for all the shout out love Jennifer!! It means the world to me!!
    Made Famous By

  3. :) YUM and delicious are RIGHT!!!

    Made Famous By

  4. You got me at topless...LOL! Just kidding!
    I love your refrigerator cake. No baking! Love! LOve it! Thanks for sharing a great piece.

  5. sounds like a wonderfully indulgent, yet simple recipe. great photos, it really makes my mouth water!

    greetings from germany!

  6. Anna-I didn't even think about it, but one of the great things about this cake is that it is NO BAKE!!!! Even better!!

    Jennifer-You might win the prize for the furthest fan!! Love to you all the way in Germany!!

  7. Wow, wow! Can't wait to try this one...pinned it :)



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