Wild Flower Pancakes

Made Famous By:  Wild Flower

World’s Best Pancakes!  That is saying a lot from a person that doesn’t like pancakes that much.  I am more of a crepe girl, but I am telling you these pancakes are out of this world good!

These pancakes came into my life last week.  We went to Arizona for my husband’s graduation from MBA school.  Anyone who has their MBA or who has a spouse who has graduated from MBA school knows what a hugs accomplishment that is.  It has been a long 2 years full of everything you can imagine.  It is a miracle he even graduated.  He is super human that is for sure!!  Here is a fun pic of our family from the weekend.  

Ready...Set...Ok now we are good!  
It only took us five takes!
Wild Flower wouldn't give me the recipe, but they do sell the mix for their pancakes.  Here is their web site.  Wild Flower.



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