Blue Fin

 I beg of you.  If you are anywhere near this restaurant,  PLEASE go and eat there.  The quality and freshness of their food will blow you away.  The location alone is amazing.  It is located right down the street from Kobe Bryant’s house, yes THE Kobe Bryant of the Lakers! 

You drive down PCH gazing off into the ocean and turn into the Crystal Cove Promenade shopping center.  Honestly it feels like a privilege just to drive there.  Then you walk into this modern sheek atmosphere where the chef’s personally greet you.

The best thing on the menu in my opinion is the Blue Fin Roll.  My other favorite is one that is not on the menu called the ballerina, named after a famous ballerina who frequents Blue Fin.  The fish is so fresh it doesn’t even taste like fish.  What you see on the top of the Blue Fin Roll is a roasted vegetable sauce.  In one word…AMAZING!!! 
I took my friend Stephanie Yi there, cuz I love her like that, and she took two bites out of each piece just to make her eating experience last longer.  Yep, it is THAT GOOD!!
 I do warn you though……once you taste Blue Fin sushi anywhere else will ever compare.  So eat at the risk of spoiling your taste buds forever more.  Here is pic of my princess and I eating at Blue Fin.  My hubby was there too.
Love this girl to pieces!!

Bluefin Fine Japanese Cuisine
(in the 
Crystal Cove Promenade)
7952 East Pacific Coast Highway
Newport Beach, CA 92657
Tel: (949) 715-7373

Hours: 7 Days A Week, [Lunch] 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
[Dinner] 5:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.



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