Toasted Marshmallow Oreo Krispies

Made Famous By:  Heather McMullin
PLEASE tell me this has happened to you….
I was getting my babies ready this morning and then casually my biggest boy tells me, “Today I am going to the planetarium.”

I froze in my tracks…..THAT IS TODAY??? 

I completely forgot. 
Initiate hyper drive and attach super Mom cape or panic.  Panic works too.

A casual morning then turns into hurrying up as fast as you can so that you can attend the planetarium with your child.  Plan A failed so we moved on to plan B and that worked out.  Phew!

Maybe this isn’t a big deal for some, but to me it is a big deal.  These are the moments that they remember.  Remember when we went to the planetarium MOM??  Wasn’t that amazing?  I had so much fun with you Mom.  Memories are a big deal to me.  I want my kids to look back on their child hood and remember me being there for the moments that mattered in their little lives.  Today that moment was at the Santa Ana Planetarium and I am grateful to have been apart of that moment in his life. 

Toasted Marshmallow Oreo Krispies
1 ½ Bags Double Stuft Oreos
2 Cups Rice Krispies
7 Cups large Marshmallows plus extra for layering
5 TBS Butter

*Preheat oven to 350
*In a food processor add the Oreos and pulse until the Oreos are broken up but still chunky.
*In a separate bowl combine the marshmallows and butter and microwave for about 2 minutes or until melted.
*Add the Oreos and rice krispies to the marshmallows and mix until well combined. 
*Cut 12 marshmallows in half.
*Butter a mini pie pan or a mini muffin pan.  Add a little of the Oreo mixture to the bottom of each hole and then place one halved marshmallow on top.  Then put the pan in the oven for about 5 minutes or until the marshmallows are melted and slightly brown on top.
*Take the pan out of the oven and top each marshmallow with enough Oreo mixture to cover the marshmallow.  Enjoy!  
*PS If I had to do this recipe over again I would do it in bar form. ie a layer of the Oreo then a layer of toasted marshmallow then cover the marshmallow with another layer of Oreo.
Process the Oreos  
Eat some Oreos
Combine the butter and marshmallows
Cut some marshmallows in half
Toast up the marshmallows.  Yummmm!
Cover up the toasted marshmallows with the Oreo mixture.
Most importantly make some memories that will last a life time.

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  1. I'm a fairly new follower of yours so I haven't seen any pics of your children, but my goodness, they are beautiful! Your daughter is stunning, she needs to be in modeling or commercials! Lovely family :)

  2. You have such cute kids. I agree on making memories. My oldest is only 3 but I make sure to always volunteer in his class - I was just the "secret reader!" I am amazed that your day was so crazy and busy and you still had time to post!! They look yummy!

  3. Thank you so much Jess! She is our little cherry on top.

    I love to volunteer in my kids classes. I feel like I get to know their little world a little better each time I do. :)

  4. Omg...You have the cutest kids! Thank you so much for linking up with me today at my linky party! Can't wait to join yours tomorrow!

  5. kids are adorable specially that little girl, I love the to try this toasted marsmallow sure my kids will also love it too.

  6. Awesomeness! These look SO good. I know what you mean about the planetarium - I hate having to change plans at the last minute but always want to be there to experience the stuff with them. I'd love for you to share this at my linky, Crazy Sweet Tuesday! The linky runs through Friday.

  7. Adding these to my sweets bookmarks!!! they look sooo good I would make them now if I had the ingredients

  8. Yum!
    I absolutely love how you make it a priority to be around your kids for when they create memories. That's sweet :]

  9. Thank you every one! As soon as my computer decides it likes the Internet again I will be stopping by all of your sites to join and link up!


  10. Am I missing it?? When does the Rice krispies come into the recipe directions? Do you blend it with the crushed Oreos?

  11. JENNIFER thank you soooooo much for letting me know that. It is fixed now!!


  12. The kids will love this recipe and enjoy the bonding while doing it. Another great ideas from you. Thank you dear.

  13. These look so yummy! Can't wait to try these.

  14. These sound delish!

    I agree that the memories of being at things like that are so important for your kids! You are a great mom!

    If you are interested, I host a weekly Friday link party, I'd love for you to come and link up!

    Have a great weekend!

    Simply Designing

  15. Those sure look good! I love how all the kids were helping in the kitchen. What a way to create lasting memories. I am a new follower visiting from Five Days 5 Ways. Vicky from Mess For Less

  16. Yum! Would l for you to come share:

  17. Delicious! I love those!

    Love for you to share this at JAQS Studio Linky Party:

  18. Few did it! I love all of your sites and have joined them!! YAY for bloggie love!


  19. Yum...oreo and toasted marshmallow? This sounds amazing!! It is the little moments that our kids will remember!!!

  20. We are hosting our first Kitchen Fun and Crafty link party next Friday and would love for you to share this! Feel free to stop by and grab a party button!

  21. Thanks Heather for coming over to share at Dwell on Fridays!

  22. they look and sound kid approved!

  23. Your kids will definitely have happy childhood memories of these yummy treats - MMMMMMM! Oh, if only I had a bag of Oreos in the house, I'd whip up a batch right now!



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