Sabatino's, Newport Beach, CA

(Down the path is where the ship yard and the ocean is)

One of the most fun things to do is to find a restaurant that is a hidden gem.  That is exactly what Sabatino’s is.  If you don’t know what you are looking for, are not a local, or haven’t heard of by word of mouth, chances are you have never seen it or heard of it.
It is tucked away in the ship yard on Lido Island in Newport Beach, CA.  The journey to get there adds to the charm of this fantastic restaurant.  Inside feels like you are right in the middle of Sicily.  The food is nothing short of amazing.  If you go you MUST order the sausage appetizer and the stuffed bell pepper.  OMGosh!!!  Heaven on earth!! 
Don’t be surprised if the bell pepper is not on the menu, because it isn’t.  When my husband ordered the bell pepper the waitress said, “It isn’t on the menu, but we always have it.”  AWESOME!  You and I are now in the secret club of you-know-an –item-that-is-not-on-the-menu-club.  Doesn’t that make you feel just a little special?  What can I say?  It is the little pleasures in life. 
 One of the most amazing things about Sabatino's is that you can buy some of their ingredients and take it home to incorporate into some of your favorite recipes.  Just look at that fresh sausage and home made pizza dough.  YUMMMMY!
Picture via Oc Insite
Here is how OC Insite describes some of their dishes.  "Also known as Lido Shipyard Sausage Company, Sabatino’s specializes in sausage blended with goat cheese. Before refrigeration, the saltiness of the goat cheese helped to preserve the sausage. Now, its sole purpose is to make the sausage more juicy and flavorful. For more than 20 years, locals have flocked to the restaurant’s deli to bring the lean meat sausage into their own kitchens.
The stuffed peppers—-stuffed with veal, rice and sausage and served on a bed of linguini-—are mouthwatering. So is the vegetable lasagna, a vegetarian dish made with four imported cheeses and topped with both marinara and a creamy alfredo sauce."

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