FAB {Find} Friday and the tale of the NAKED mailman!

I HAVE to share this awesome slash strange experience I had at the post office.

My kiddos and I were dropping off a few letters after hours into the drop box at the post office.  Being the curious bugs that they are they peeked into the two slots to see if they could see where the letters had gone.

All of a sudden the door next to the drop box opens and there was the mail man…
Standing in the door way….

WITH HIS SHIRT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His pants were still on (praise the heavens), but there he was in all of his big belly glory, flaunting what his mama gave him.


He said, “Hey kids do you want to come in side and see where the mail went???”
Of course my kids said YES and BOLTED in before I had a chance to tell them no.


I have to admit I was freakin’ out a little.  When something like that happens all of your protective mommy red flags go up.

He then proceeded to try and talk to me about something, but honestly I don’t remember.  All I could look at way his huge NAKED belly staring at me in the face….in the post office…

It reminded me of the MOLE guy in Austin Powers.  You know when Austin Powers couldn't look or say anything besides MOLE.  HAHAHA!

I left as quickly as I could, but his NAKED belly will forever be burned into my mind.  Thank you for that present naked mailman.

For my FAB {Find} Friday I present to you something miles better than the mail man’s naked belly.  Check out these beauties from one of my favorite bloggie friends at Dwell on Joy!!
Made Famous By:  Sarah at Dwell on Joy

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  1. Heather, I am dying over here from laughter! This story is so funny. Sounds like he didn't think it was weird at all that he was half naked! Made for a memorable trip, that's for sure!

    LOVED seeing my Valentines snack this morning on your blog - how sweet of you to share! I had three more last night after seeing that picture again on my computer last night.

    And you should know too that I am equally if not more of a HUGE FAN of your blog! Have a great weekend! Steer clear of the post office!

  2. How odd for him to be working with his shirt off in the first place and then to invite kids in to see the mail room. I would have been in protective Mommy mode too! It is kind of neat the the guy was nice enough to show you boys where the mail went, at first I thought you were going to say he yelled at the boys for looking in the slot.

    Thanks for leaving the nice message on my blog and for following me on Facebook!


    PS - I checked I did have you as a like for my FB Page, and now I like your page as myself too :)

  3. So funny and creepy! Those treats look yummy!

  4. I saw those on pinterest I want to make them! I've already pinned them :)

  5. LOL, that's so funny! Valentines snack looks so yummy!

  6. this is just awesome...drooooling here..;P
    new to your space...love your space..
    def visit often..
    Am your happy follower now.;)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  7. LOL, what a crazy day at the post office :)



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