Trader Joe's Enchilada Cupcakes

Enchilada Cupcakes

Made Famous By:  Heather McMullin
(based on a recipe from Trader Joes)
I posted this on FaceBook yesterday and below is the conversation that followed with my friends.  I would like to tell you that I made it all up, but this friends… my life.  A true story from my life.  I also must note one of the reasons I love my friends so much is that they laugh with me….or maybe it is at me……

AND  I totally got busted by the Hubs at the end.  Woopsie….

My Facebook post:
The brand new shirt I just got smells like B.O.!!!! I am thinking someone wore it and then returned it before I bought it. Eeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!!!

Melany:  HA ha ha….didn’t u know that items from Goodwill are used????  Lol

Cherie:  Some materials smell like b.o. so maybe that’s the issue..don’t think the worst because that’s gross….LOL

Heather McMullin (me):  I would like to think that was it Cherie.  Only….I sniffed sniffed the air then I sniffed sniffed the bottom of the shirt.  Then I sniffed sniffed both arm pits and my NOSE hair about got BURNED off!!  I promise it wasn’t my stinky either!!  Cuz I just took a shower and put my Secret Coco Butter Kiss deodorant on.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Funny MEL!!

Cherie:  Ahahahahah Heather ur funny…That’s disgusting. Freaking nasty people.  I can’t believe they took it back because I know I can smell b.o. from a mile away.

Jeannie:  The awkward moment when you say, “I swear, it’s not me!” and you really (want to)mean it….I’m sorry girl; that sucks!

Heather McMullin (me):  Hhahahahahahahahahaha Jeannie!!!!!!!!!  It’s cool.  The shirt is in the wash er with a double dose of Gain detergent.  That should wash the nasty out!

Jeanie:  LOL!  So u rushed home and threw that shirt in the washer before even putting another shirt on first, didn’t you? HAHA!  Yeah, I would’ve too!  Funny!

Teresa:  ew!   
Heather McMullin (me): YES!  It’s like you can read my MIND Jeannie! LOL!

Amanda:  Gross!

Megan (my SIL):  OMG, that’s gross.

Cade (my husband):  What new shirt?  I thought it was only shoes?

Heather McMullin (me):  I plead the 5th………..

Megan (my SIL):  LOL LOL LOL LOL.  LOVE those last two comments!

Maria:  Hahahahahahahahaha, I LOVE your hubby’s remarks!!!!!  Hahahahahha!


Enchilada Cupcakes
1 package Trader Joes’s Frozen Just Chicken
2 Jars Double Roasted Salsa
½ Cup Trader Joes’s Corn and Chile Tomato-Less Salsa
1 Can Trader Joes’s Slicked Black Olives
18 Corn Tortillas
3 Cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese

*Preheat oven to 350
*Using a large biscuit cutter cut a circle out of each of the 18 corn tortillas and then slice the left over tortilla. (pictured below)
*Place the cut out circles at the bottom of each cupcake hole and then line with the sliced tortillas. (Pictured below)
*In a large bowl combine the chicken, double roasted salsa, corn and chile tomato-less salsa, and olives.  *Fill each “cupcake” with two TBS of the chicken mixture and 1 TBS of cheese.
*Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and the top of the tortillas are slightly brown and crisp.

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  1. LOL, love that your husband piped up :) These look delicious!

  2. I'm now following you on Pinterest :) These look so simple and so good! We are about to get a Trader Joe's store in my town and I could not be more excited!! Will be making these soon...veggie style! YUM!

  3. I have always loved Trader Joe's but lately I seem to ALWAYS find myself there!! Thanks for following!

    My husband thinks he is hilarious Anna!!


  4. I just put mine into the oven! I'm a vegetarian, so for the filling I did a mixture of black beans, corn, onions, and salsa. I am so excited to eat!! Thanks for this :)

  5. Ohh I miss Trader Joes! These look incredible!

  6. WOW what a great idea! I love seeing new muffin tin recipes!

    Now following!

  7. lol love your funny post. LOVE your blog and these look fabulous! Now following :)

  8. OH my - what a great post and YUMMY looking food :)

    Love for you to share it at my Linky Party :) -



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