Orange Creamsicle Cookies

Made Famous By:  Alicia First

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Yesterday my kids had the day off because of Parent Teacher Conference week.  SWA-EET!!  I love it when they have a day off and we can hang out together.

So we did what they want to do all day every day.  Go fishing at the beach.  They caught a bunch of fish and fed them to Jackson, the resident pelican.

As we were walking back to the house my oldest starts to tell me that one of the adults that was also fishing right next to them used the “F” word multiple times and told them a story about when he was in JAIL!!!!



Who does that with children around??  His actions forced my hand.  I quickly bathed my kids and went back to the beach where we were fishing.  I took the keys out of the car, told my kids to stay put and marched myself right down the pier and said, “Were you here when  two little boys were here?”

Creep:  Oh yes I was.  (Says this with a smile,  little did he know I wanted to punch him.)

Me:  So you think it is cool to use the “f” word when children are present???

Creep:  Oh well a, I was just ummmm talking to my friend.

Me:  No you were not JUST talking to you friend you were talking to my kids using the “f” word and telling them stories about when you went to jail!!

Creep:  Well I think it is better for them to hear stories about me going to jail ummm so they can learn a lesson.

Me:  NO it isn’t.  CHILDREN don’t need to hear stories about grown men going to jail and certainly don’t need to hear the “f” word AT ALL!  And not just my children, you should not use that kind of language around any children.

Creep:  ummm well ummm well ummmm well ummmm…….

Me:  If you ever use that kind of language or tell those sorts of “stories” when my kids are here I will call the cops and tell them that you are a pedophile.  Are we clear??

Creep:  You can’t do that, do you even know what a pedophile is?

Me:  Yes I know what that is, but that is what I will tell the cops when I call.

Creep:  At this point I don’t really remember what he said, he just rambled on like an ignorant fool.

Me:  Are we clear?

Creep:  NO!

Me:   Are we clear?  You need to act like a MAN and not a little boy.  MEN do not use such language in front of children and don’t tell stories like that.

Creep: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah (at this point I stopped listening to what he was saying and started to walk back to my car.)

Me:  Act like a Man and NOT a little boy.  Bye little boy.

What can I say??  If you mess with the bull you get the horns.

One of our lovely neighbors Alicia First, made us these wonderful cookies and was thoughtful enough to bring me the recipe as well.  These cookies are a dream and remind me of summer.  Thank you so much Alicia for thinking of us and bringing us cookies.  My kids LOVED them!!
Orange Creamsicle Cookies
(Makes 2 dozen)
2 ¼ Cups All Purpose Flour
¾ tsp Baking Soda
½ tsp Salt
1 Cup Butter, slightly softened
½ Cup Sugar
½ Cup Brown Sugar
1 Egg
Zest of 2 Oranges
1 Cup White Chocolate Chips

*Preheat oven to 350 Degrees.

 *In a medium bowl, combine flour, soda, and salt.  Stir together and set aside.

*In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugars until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.  Add egg and beat until combined.  Add flour mixture and beat on low speed until well combined. 

*Add orange zest mix well.  Stir in white chocolate chips.

*Use a cookie scoop or tablespoon to drop in rounded spoonful on cookie sheets leaving plenty of room between cookies to allow for some spreading.  Bake for about 10 minutes until light golden brown.  Cool about 1 minute on cookie sheets and then transfer to wire racks to cool completely.

Eat, Enjoy, Repeat as Necessary!!!

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  1. Cookies look divine, and I can't believe that creep found this acceptable behavior around children... or anyone. I hate hearing an F bomb as much as I worry about my kids hearing it.

  2. YOU GO MOMMA! I'm totally impressed. I would have had that entire my head while I was fuming during bathtime. :) These cookies look awesome!

    1. I did have the conversation with myself in my head about 15 times. The dude just caught me on the wrong day. HA!

  3. Heather! I thought of you and this post today as I was pulling some stones from close to the water at a lake nearby our house for my boys to toss into the water. {splashes are so entertaining} Something we've done a million times. Its a busy little lake city, and so there were TONS of people at the ice cream trolley, when one guy YELLS at us from the top of his lungs {everyone stopping and staring} to STOP THROWING ROCKS INTO THE WATER! WE PAY MONEY TO HAVE THEM REMOVED! Note: There is no sign, AND we've been near bike cops while doing this! Well, just like you, I felt my kids embarrassment {as well as my own} and walked right up to that guy, told him I understand his concern, but when did MEN start PUBLICLY RIDICULING women instead of coming over and politely asking us to stop and simply explain why!?! I felt a HUGE sense of pride walking away from him because he shut his loud mouth right up when I got done with him!



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