Freeze Dried Strawberries

Any of you mamas out there ever sneak some of your little ones baby food?

DON’T FIB!  I know everyone has at least once!!

One of my favorite things to sneak a bite of was the freeze dried fruit that.  YUM YUM!  When I saw these freeze dried strawberries at TJ’s if people weren’t in the store I would have jumped up and down and did a happy dance.  As it was, people were in the store so I did it in my head,  a happy dance that is.

The best part is these freeze dried strawberries are even better than the baby snack kind, imagine that!!  I hope you give them a try, you will be glad you did.  Here are some ideas of how to incorporate the strawberries into some wonderful recipes. Aren't these beautiful?!!!!!  
 U Try Made them into these gorgeous 
 One of my very most favorite blogs, Shindig Parties To Go 
made them into pixie sticks.  GENIUS!
 Fun ways to use the freeze dried strawberries 
as snacks from One Hungry Mama
Finally take a peek at how Double Cream Single Sugar uses the dehydrated strawberries.  So inspiring!!

And now for the winner of the JoMazing Accessories give away.  The winner is comment number 1, Kristina.  Woooooo Hooooo so happy you won!!!  

The second winner is comment number 16, Julie.  Let me know which adorable headbands you pick!!

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  1. hey heather- we did say that we were going to have 2 winners for the giveaway .... did u want to do one more random generator? (make sure the same girl doesn't win again) thanks!

  2. Sounds very interesting, wonderful treats. Dear Heather, I've shared an award with you. Please come by and pick it up :)

    Versatile Blogger Award

  3. Love the post. Great pictures. They look like such a delicious treat.

  4. How do I receive the giveaway I won? :)

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  6. I sent you an award!

  7. This looks delicious, this recipe is a great excuse. Thanks!

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  11. These freeze strawberries are very tasty.

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