Graddsas Cream Meatballs

Made Famous By:  Alicia Furst

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My biggest boy went on his first big boy hike with his scout troop.  It was 5 miles and the destination was a gorgeous waterfall.  I intentionally left out details about the hike because generally if it involves any physical activity he wants nothing to do with it.

He started to complain right before we left, so I just focused on the good things about the hike. 

“You are going to have so much fun!!” 

“Oooooh and at the top you get to see a water fall!!!”
“Think about hangin’ out with the boys for almost the entire day!!” 

“Oh and if you don’t go you will not get to play with your cousins and will also have to stay in your room the entire day and you will have to listen to your brother and sister having fun while you are not!!”

He didn’t complain any more after I said that.  SEE, all positive reinforcement right?!?!  And when he got home he was glad he went and so proud that he reached the top!!

I'm such a fantastic motivational speaker.

I had to share these meatballs that Alicia Furst brought over to us.  I had never had a meatball with a cream sauce on it.  We usually have a marinara or sweet and sour sauce with them, so this creamy sauce was a pleasant surprise. 

Loved it!!!!

Graddsas Cream Meatballs
1 package of your favorite frozen meatballs
1-2 Graddsas Cream Sauce Mix (found at IDEA)

*Warm up your favorite meatballs.
*Mix up the Graddsas cream sauce mix per the directions on the back
*Put the sauce on top of your meatballs and enjoy



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